POCO X3 Pro vayu MIUI Downloads

Also, with a weight of 201 grams, it is 14 grams lighter than the X3 Pro. Qualcomm and Mediatek are at it again with these two phones.

  • Still nice to see everything included in the box to get started versus having to buy additional accessories on top of the smartphone.
  • Since POCO F1 was recognized as the most affordable power monster of the time, POCO X3 Pro has checked most of the boxes to continue the legacy of the F1.
  • You can solve this issue to a certain extent by enabling Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS).
  • On the other hand, the Poco X3 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 860, an octa-core processor that clocks up to 2.96GHz.

Also, right out of the box, the screen has have a good protective film, which is definitely nice. In general, compared to the Poco X3 NFC, the phone has slightly risen in price, but this is a widespread trend, and the rise in price is often justified. Now  we have 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, whereas for last year’s X3 NFC these were the maximum possible numbers. Sure, the cameras aren’t on par with the regular X3 and the device misses out on 5G, but Xiaomi isn’t targeting those attributes with the POCO X3 Pro. This phone’s sole reason for existing is to deliver the best possible performance, and it manages to do just that.

poco x3 pro pros and cons

I bought this phone at the end of November and am happy with this device. How is your experience after using the phone, are you download the firmware from here. facing any problem or issue? IDK is there any better gaming phone than this in this budget, if there pls notify me. Benchmark tests show how good the Snapdragon 860 SoC is. AnTuTu 9 reported a score of 5,43,796 which is remarkable for a phone at this price level. In contrast, the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max managed 2,71,830 and the Realme X7 5G scored 3,35,698 (though scores for older versions of AnTuTu are not directly comparable).

Xiaomi didn’t use the “Pro” title or the new chipset on the phone to make more money. It is one of the most expensive Fortnite/CoD/Insert Game here phones. POCO X3 Pro supports USB PD fast charging and the 33W fast charger is included in the box. The 2MP depth sensor performs like a good backstage dancer of the last row with the main 48MP lens, as we never know whether it is actually working or not. The 48MP primary camera performs well enough, but don’t expect it to perform like a camera champ. The skin and facial hairs look over-processed but it does a great job at retaining colors in the image, the colors look punchy and pleasing to the eyes. But when we move indoors the colors tend to look a bit flat.

It’s not the best chipset on the market and nor is it close to it, but it’s an interesting chip from Qualcomm that helps to fill the gap between mid-range and flagship. The POCO X3 Pro packs a headphone jack – a commonality between mid-range devices. It works, you can plug wired earphones in, and it’s likely one of the more powerful devices released in the last year to actually feature one. Another incredibly useful feature basically unique to Xiaomi devices as well is the inclusion of an IR blaster. The IR blaster allows you to control devices that use an infrared remote, such as TVs and radios.

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